The cooperation agreement between Sami Seliö, the two-time world champion of F1 boats, and Finnmaster Boats Oy brings, among other things, a new kind of know-how and strength to Finnmaster’s future product development.

– Through the cooperation, Finnmaster combines its boat-building expertise with the strong experience of Seliö and his Sharjah Team about boats and their ability to operate in extreme conditions. The boat industry has grown by 20 per cent a year in Finland during the corona years. Similar growth has never been seen in the industry before. The cooperation brings new strength to our future product development, says Henri Nurminen, Sales Director of Finnmaster Boats Oy.

– Finnmaster boats are high-quality and beautiful boats, pioneers in every respect. I have already personally got to know the Finnmaster collection, and it looks good. Based on the experience gained behind the steering wheel, I can say that this is Finland’s leading boat brand, says Seliö.