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In this exceptional period of time, boat shows around Europe have been cancelled or rescheduled. But don’t worry! Our dealers have an extensive selection of Husky and Finnmaster boats in their stores.

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Finnmaster R6



The Husky R5 has won the big comparison test of the Finnish Vene 2/2020 magazine. Other boats of the test group were: AMT 175 BRF, Buster X, Cross 54 BR, Falcon BR5 and Faster 525 SC. The Husky R5 was the fastest and most economical to drive. It was also the easiest to drive as the waves grow.

“According to the test team’s advisory score, the winner of the test is the Husky R5, not by its speed or consumption. The Husky R5 is simply a boat with no significant faults or problems. It is a practical and great boat at sea.”



The entire Finnmaster range has gone through a significant change of standard equipment for the 2020 season. The standard equipment of the boats has been significantly increased, with chart plotters, floorings, and Edition packages now included as standard equipment. Therefore Finnmaster boats have one of the most extensive standard equipment on the market.



The Boat Show Season will start next week. Finnmaster and Husky boats will be on display at the following boat shows:
The Boot Düsseldorf Boat Show 18.-26.1.2020
The Gothenburg Boat Show 1.-9.2.2020
Dra til Sjøs Bergen 6.-9.2.2020
The Helsinki Boat Show 7.-16.2.2020
Tallinn Boat Show 6.-8.3.2020
The Stockholm Boat Show 6.-15.3.2020

We warmly welcome you to visit Finnmaster& Husky boats at the Boat Shows!

FINNMASTER P8 – Motor Boat Awards 2020 Finalist


We are delighted to announce that Finnmaster P8 made it through as a finalist for the 2020 Motor Boat of the Year Awards. The P8 is competing in the category Wheelhouse and cockpit cruisers. The winners will be revealed in Dusseldorf on January 21 2020.

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FINNMASTER P8 – Motor Boat Award 2020 Finalist



The new Finnmaster T6 consists of cutting edge design, practical details and sporty looks. The short bow, the stylish hull graphics and the modern LED docking lights finish the overall impression. Further, the level of standard equipment is comprehensive, including almost everything from plotter to canopy. The sturdy hull guarantees excellent manoeuvrability for versatile and safe boating. The boat is rated for 130-200 hp outboard engines.



The new versatile Finnmaster R6 is ideal for day cruising, water sports, summer cottage, fishing and transporting. This bowrider is easy to move around, and offers plenty of comfortable seating areas and many sensible details that make boating easy and safe for the whole family. The standard equipment of the boat is comprehensive: e.g. stylish LED docking lights, table, fenders with covers and a 9”chart plotter are all standard equipment. The boat is rated for 130-200 hp engines.



For the season 2020, the Finnmaster range goes through major changes. Two brand new boat models will be launched during the fall of 2019: Finnmasters’ popular T-Series expands with the new Finnmaster T6, and R-series with the new Finnmaster R6. In addition, the Finnmaster 55 SC becomes S5 and Finnmaster 55 BR becomes R5. At the same time, the entire Finnmaster collection has undergone major changes for the level of equipment; all equipment for safe and comfortable boating is now standard.

Finnmaster T8 – Motor Boat Awards 2019 finalist


The Finnmaster T8 has been nominated for the prestigious Motor Boat Awards and will be competing in the category of Sportsboats & RIBS. The winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony at the Corinthia Hotel London on May 7.

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Finnmaster T8 2019 Motor Boar Award finalist

Finnmaster Husky R5 – Best of Boats 2017 Winner


The Finnmaster Husky R5 is the winner of the Best of Boats 2017 Award in category “Best for Beginners”. The jury commented that the Finnmaster Husky R5 has it all, from beautiful to smart design. They also pointed out that the boat is easy to drive, safe, has a good layout and you will get good value for your money.

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Finnmaster Husky R5

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Finnmaster Husky R8s



The Finnmaster T7 was chosen as a test winner in Vi Båtägare 9/2015 magazine’s group test of five day cruisers (Finnmaster T7, Flipper 760 DC, AMT 230 DC, Yamarin 68 DC and Askeladden C75.

According to the test, T7 has great seaworthiness in rough sea, silent hull, most cosy cabin and an incomparable cockpit. Add to a sense of quality and we have a winner.

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T7 – Winner at Helsinki Boat Show


The Finnmaster T7 has been chosen today as a winner at Helsinki Boat Show in the category of Shuttle and Picnic Boats.

The jury paid particular attention to how well the boat is suited for its intended use. The design, construction and use of space, functionality and ergonomics, the price-quality impression, as well as the novelty value were emphasized. According to the jury the design is stylish and impressive. The cockpit and cabin are spacious. The boat has a new kind of appearance and quality built.

T8 – Winner at London Boat Show


The winners of the 2015 Motor Boat Awards have been announced at the annual awards ceremony at the Landmark Hotel in London. The Finnmaster T8 was chosen as a winner in the category of Performance & Sportsboats. All boats featured in the awards have been tested by Motor Boat & Yachting or Motor Boats Monthly over the last 12 months.

The jury said: “Unlike some of its competitors though, it’s also a very usable craft with two double berths, lots of light down below and one of the best cockpits we’ve seen on any boat this size. The three forward facing helm seats are as comfortable as they are supportive, there’s room for another five people around the teak table and the wet-bar has a proper hob, sink and fridge. It’s beautifully built with lots of classy teak and stainless steel detailing packed into a sleek, sporty profile. In short, it lets you have your cake and eat it without a compromise in sight.”