Console - S series


S series

The models in the Finnmaster S series will give you a flexible and versatile center console boat that is always ready for new adventures in the seas. The Finnmaster S series CC boats are perfect for transporting but also a great solution for spontaneous fishing trips or for a day out enjoying the sun and the sea.

The Finnmaster S models are filled with our Smart Design solutions that simplify life at sea. Our models are equipped, for example, with practical steps that make getting onboard easy and safe for both children and the elderly. Moreover, the cushions can remain in place when you open one of the hatches making things considerably easier when you have to stow something quickly or just want to take out a blanket before the sun sets below the horizon.

All of the Finnmaster S models have generous space, letting you take with you everything the whole family needs to spend a day at sea. Moreover, the well designed hull helps all the models to reach planing speed – no matter what the weather.