Cabin - P series


P series

Are you looking for a cabin boat, weekend boat, fishing boat, SUV boat? Finnmaster Pilot motorboat series is a sensible choice for all these purposes. A seaworthy and stable hull, a spacious rear deck, good storage space, and a wheelhouse with weather protection for passengers are a combination that works in all conditions. If the day in the waters stretches longer than planned, these cabin boats also have plenty of room to spend the night.

The completely redesigned Pilot cabin boat range is now ready for the water with comprehensive standard equipment. The Pilot 6, Pilot 7, and Pilot 8 now have, e.g., new stylish hull graphics, redesigned and sturdy black railings, and a light mast with space for radar. The roofs and roof structures of the Pilot 7 and Pilot 8 have been completely redesigned, and both models have a new wide integrated sunroof. For all Pilot cabin cruiser models, a dark grey hull and roof and for the Pilot 7, hull windows are now available as optional equipment.