Strong tradition, modern design

In the combination of Finnish tradition, meticulous craftsmanship, and modernity lies a lifestyle of freedom.

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Strong tradition, modern design

Finnmaster boats are a testimony of the strength that lies within the Finnish boatbuilding tradition. That heritage is passed on from generation to generation, and it’s still a big part of our daily life: year after year, that knowledge and passion is carried on to each and every boat we design and build at our boatyard.

While the art of boat-making has its roots in history, our eyes are not glued in the past. Instead, we keep looking forward at new ideas, technologies, and ways of being better.

Brand ambassadors


Henri Hyppönen

Brand Ambassador – Creative director, speaker and serial entrepreneur
“I have two landscapes where I feel at home. In one, I sink into the hustle and bustle of the city, and in the other, into a Finnish lake landscape.” The unique design and finely-tuned usability of Husky is exceptional. Husky has a Nordic identity: ruggedly beautiful and extremely functional. Henri Hyppönen is a creative director, author, speaker, TV host, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of five companies, including his newest startup that designs products and services supported by data and artificial intelligence.


Jari Kostamo

Brand Ambassador
Fisher man

“I spend a lot of time on a boat, and that’s why it’s important to me that the design takes into account both fishing and family boating with various activities. The Husky R6 is the perfect aluminum fishing boat and an excellent example of product development cooperation between Finnmaster Boats Oy, which resulted in this unique boat package. The boat has Garmin marine electronics and a 150-horsepower Yamaha engine.”


Mikko Kuustonen

Brand Ambassador – Musician and songwriter

“I ended up with the HuskyR6 aluminum boat with a Yamaha engine. The solution emphasizes reliability, safety, versatility, and style. The quality is evident in the materials and careful design: there are functional storage spaces for fishing gear and loose items, and the usability has been honed. I enjoy fishing and day trips, so with this boat, the world opens up with new opportunities at the beginning of every summer. I enjoy being on the water alone with my favorite fishing rod, but what’s best is that this boat can also accommodate company, children, or grandchildren.”


Sami Seliö

Brand Ambassador –
F1 Boat Racer

  • “Finnmaster boats are high-quality and beautiful boats, pioneers in every aspect. I have already had the opportunity to personally get acquainted with the Finnmaster range, and it looks good. Based on the experience from behind the wheel, I can say that this is Finland’s leading boat brand.” Double F1 powerboat world champion Sami Selio serves as a Finnmaster brand ambassador and introduced the new Finnmaster T9 Gold Edition boat package in Dubai. Selio and his Sharjah Team have extensive experience with boats and their performance in extreme conditions, especially in hot climates.
Meticulous craftmanship

We take great pride in our craftsmanship and put a lot of time in thinking about how the owners experience the boat: how it handles in different conditions, how the family and guests can enjoy their time on board, and how it feels to wake up in the cabin.

Our skilled boat builders and designers take great pride in their masterful craft. Every boat that leaves the boatyard is built and designed with decades of knowledge, experience and with a clear vision; we build the safest boats with the smartest solutions – without compromising modern design.

Our boats are tested in a real marine environment, in the archipelago outside our boatyard. We feel a boat must undergo vigorous testing before it reaches you. We do not make any compromises when we build a boat for you and your family.

Finnmaster Boats
A lifestyle of freedom

In an archipelago like ours, which is as wild and melancholic as is it beautiful and marvellous, boats are so much more than a means of transport. They are freedom, passion, and tradition, but above all, a lifestyle.

As painstaking as designing a boat to perfection is, when our customers step on board, that lifestyle, a sense of freedom, is what we wish for them to receive – riding the waves, smelling the sea air, in peaceful solitude or good company.